Isaac Bear Early College High School


Achievement Through Challenge and Citizenship


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Math 1 a requirement to be admitted into Isaac Bear?

A: No, Math 1 is not a requirement for admittance to the Isaac Bear program. 

Q: Do students have access to UNCW during their ninth and tenth grade years?

A: Yes, after being accepted and enrolled into IBECHS, students are introduced to the University. Students have access to Randall Library, use the university labs in their Biology and Chemistry classes, and take their Physical Education course over at UNCW facilities.

Q: How are students selected for the program?

A: Students are offered placement to Isaac Bear if they meet specific rubric criteria that includes attendance, grades, discipline, teacher and counselor recommendations.

Q: Can any student attend Isaac Bear?

A: No. Only eighth grade students living in New Hanover County may apply in the winter of their eighth grade year. Applicants may attend a New Hanover County School, Private School, or Homeschool Program. This is the only time a student can apply for acceptance in the Isaac Bear Program.

Q: Is the school calendar different from traditional New Hanover County Schools?

A: Yes, Isaac Bear's calendar is different from that of traditional NHCS, therefore students must adhere to IBECHS student calendar. 

Q: What are the school hours for Isaac Bear?

A: Monday - Thursday, 9:00-4:15
     Friday, 9:00-1:15

Q: Where is Isaac Bear located?

A: Adjacent to UNCW at 630 MacMillan Avenue. A shuttle bus operates directly from IBECHS to UNCW. 

Q: Will transportation be provided if my child attends Isaac Bear?

A: Yes, students attending Isaac Bear are provided transportation through NHCS school buses. We are a public New Hanover County School and buses transport students throughout different areas of the county.

Q: Do I have to apply to UNCW or other colleges/universities?

A: Yes. All Isaac Bear students must apply to UNCW or any other college/university of their choosing in the fall of their senior year.

Q: Will all of my course credits from UNCW transfer to other colleges or universities?

A: Most UNCW credits will transfer to other universities and colleges. General Education credits will have the best opportunity to transfer, especially to any of the "sixteen state North Carolina university system schools". Students interested in pursuing private or out of state colleges/universities need to inquire at the specific school they wish to apply to regarding transfer credits. 

Q: Does my child have to take any state tests?

A: Yes, students who attend Isaac Bear are required to participate and complete in the NC Testing Program just as any other school. In order to graduate, students must be proficient on all other the following EOC and CTE Course Finals:

  • Math 1 and 3
  • Biology
  • English 2